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By adopting Guru Kreator, the learning process and school’s operation can be maximally implemented based on the school’s curriculum choice. The technology integration of digitalized processes as one holistic ecosystem at the school will optimize the roles and responsibilities of each related stakeholder.

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With our whole-school utilization service, Guru Kreator is a web-based learning management system and school’s operation with a subscription fee. For a free Android application, you can download Guru Kreator Basic (K13) in Google Play through this link.

Guru Kreator is a digitalized ecosystem designed for the whole school. Teachers cannot pay to access Guru Kreator for personal uses.

Upon adopting Guru Kreator, all school community members will receive training and guidance at the initial phase and during system implementation.
Both teachers and schools that adopt Guru Kreator Basic (K13) can learn how to use it by watching the tutorial videos available at Guru Kreator YouTube channel. Schools also have the option to request GK Basic (K13) Workshop service (free) by filling out the form at this link.

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As we believe, digital transformation is the process of using digital technologies or moving on from conventional way to change the way business gets done in this era of technology.

Therefore, we provide a handbook for you to be a smart digital citizenship. Read it here to unlock the skill.

We heard you! Modul Ajar that you find on the internet or the Merdeka Mengajar Platform can be use as a reference for your teaching plans. By using Guru Kreator, it is possible for you to create Modul Ajar which can be customized based on your students’ conditions.

You can look at our tutorial of each feature and role on How to Use Guru Kreator 📖 up above. Additionally, you can follow the steps in our Youtube playlist, search for Tutorial Guru Kreator – Product Feature. Don’t forget to hit ‘Subscribe’ button so you won’t miss any further videos😉

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